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Looking after ourselves

Casual Contributor

hi i need some help please...

hi everyone


i have a disability and mental health which leads me to poor judgement sometimes...

say for example i don't know who would support my goals or life in general... 

i need a place where i can focus on my goals more clearly and what to think ahead.


i need a place with extra support where i can both take care of mine and mums needs...

i need to find a way to have alot of money to take care of everyone i know...


what's a healthy way to live life with mental health disabilities?


if anyone can respond would be great.





Re: hi i need some help please...

Hi @aliciawearie07. It can be really tricky to work out where to go and what to do when you're living with mental health challenges. I find it can be especially difficult to do when I am caught up trying to juggle looking after myself and other people in my life who I care about.

Do you have any supports (family, friends, professionals)? I think it can be really helpful to have support, especially people who understand us, the things we like and need, and the challenges we face. That to me is one part of living a healthy life with mental health issues.

Another thing that came to mind as far as healthy living is self-care, which is something else I can struggle with particularly when trying to manage a lot. Self-care for me can mean trying to make time for things that interest me and doing things that feel good to do. Do you have any hobbies or interests that you enjoy?

Re: hi i need some help please...

thanks for the response cheerbear


i do have a few hobbies...just dont know where to start or where to look at...


i need the motivation to do it...and stick to the past i was introduced to programs that dealt with mental health...i thought people with similar experiences like me i enjoyed doing the art activities... social sports... sometimes i feel like going to those accomadation where staff take cares of you and others live around you to support each other...


and so forth. 

Re: hi i need some help please...

Hi again @aliciawearie07.

It can definitely be helpful to find activities and groups that involve people who share similar experiences. I stayed at a mental health facility that offered group art therapy and I really enjoyed it. I'd love to join something similar in the community, but I cant find anything close by.

Are you able to re-join those programs you were introduced to?

Just a tip for the forum - if you'd like to tag someone in a post you can use the @ symbol in front of their member name. It can make it a bit easier for us to see responses and posts that way, but you dont have to if you'd prefer not to 🙂

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