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Hospitalised again

My son is 36 and is suffering with Bipolar and Schizophrenia, he was in hospital in July 18 and has just been admitted into hospital again. He has been sending very aggressive and threatening text messages to his brother and his girlfriend also my husband and myself.  The thing is we do not know if the threats are real. We have reached a stage that we don't know what to do, he has had this illness for 8 years now. We are lucky enough that he dosen't live with us. Where do you draw the line? and what kind of boundaries can we put inplace for him to have some kind of respect towards our family?


Appreciate any input 


Re: Hospitalised again

Hi Skeeta and welcome to the forums @Skeeta. Is your son on and taking his medication? I suppose it is impossible to really know? Does he have a good psychiatrist and psychologist? The thing is if he is threatening you and other members of his family you have to protect yourselves and I firmly believe that means having a distance between yourselves and him (that will be hard I know but necessary).


My son was very aggressive when he was in his later teens early twenties and it was hell on earth. We were constantly ringing for the police and the ambos to take him to hospital. He takes his medication and has calmed down alot since those days thank god. 


Your son is 36 he is a fully grown adult I personally would be having words with him about what is acceptable behaviour and if he cannot abide by it then certain actions will be taken.  This action would be decided upon by yourself and your husband and family. This is also to protect your son as well. We don't want him getting himself into trouble either. I hope this has helped a bit. greenpea

Re: Hospitalised again

It sounds very difficult to manage @Skeeta

1) Distinguishing between words and actions.  Allowing some sense of being able to let off steam can be helpful, but not if taken for granted.

2) Distinguishing between feeling words and actual threats.

Re: Hospitalised again

Wow Thanks,


Yes he is 36yrs an adult, Its the text messages that he is sending, which are very nasty. He tries to avoid his injections as much as he can, he smokes cannabis, therefore making him unwell.

The boundaries sound great, good to put in place. What can you suggest?

Re: Hospitalised again

Hello @Skeeta and welcome to the forum

how are you today

that is a good question

The boundaries sound great, good to put in place. What can you suggest? @Appleblossom, @greenpea, @Rooney10

Re: Hospitalised again

Thank you!! I have read and reread your message several times!!! We are putting boundaries in place, it’s been a little hard knowing that it’s your own flesh and blood!!! Anyway it should help him and us in the long term. Appreciate your support thank you.

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