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Senior Contributor

The challenge of spring

Spring - I love it!


The sun is out, my eyes see green where ever I go and the daylight hours are increasing.


I am hoping that this glorious weather will chase away my winter blues and it will. But not without a transition period. 


Yesterday I was reminded that with the warmer weather I will have to expose my body. Don't get me wrong - I adore being naked in the privacy of my own home and if I had my way it would not be illegal to swim naked because it feels so much nicer than clingy bathers. 


But, I am just not comfortable semi clad. It goes hand in hand with the bulimia I had as a young woman and is something I do not understand. In part it is because I fear the lurid attentions of dangerous men, but I fear my love for my own body took a terrible fall a long time ago and that this is the crux of the matter.


When I am most stressed I look to my cat and dogs on a day such as this and I join them to lie in the sun with it warming my back and cheek and I try to remember that I am one little thing in a world full of things and that we are all equal.


Re: The challenge of spring

Hi @Mulgajane - just wanted to chime in to say I'm with you on the weather changes, it's having a positive impact on my mood and wellbeing.

I think it's really powerful what you've said about learning some simple things from pets - which can have such a positive impact on things that are so very complicated like body image and harassment.

A great last line of yours - "I try to remember that I am one little thing in a world full of things and that we are all equal".

Thanks for sharing. Can anyone else relate to this change in the season and how it impacts us?

Re: The challenge of spring

I'm with you on the weather changes, it's having a positive impact on my mood and wellbeing., @Mulgajane, @s-jay

My husband who has bipolar 11 and other MI finds sun is good for him too , too many raining days and he goes low

Can anyone else relate to this change in the season and how it impacts us?

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Re: The challenge of spring

@Shaz51 i definite know what your talking about. Thats mother nature for you.

Re: The challenge of spring

@Mulgajane Yes definitely a change in attitude with Spring. Blossom always brings a smile to my face, the first of many beautiful blooms to come. Warm sun on my back warming my bones is such a good feel.

Re: The challenge of spring

Yes @Shaz51, warm sun does make a difference, especially for my husband.  He loves to sit in the sun and let it soak into him.  Perhaps the reason why he now has melanoma.  Woman Sad  But even now, being able to sit in the warm sunshine definitely has a positive effect on his overall mood.


Me, well ... I've never really been a sun worshipper.  I'm a red head with a freckled, very fair (Irish) complexion and burn very easily.  As a result I've always been the one hiding in the shade.  But I do love to see the sun and to feel it on my back to warm the bones during winter and cooler weather.  After all, we all need that sun for our dose of Vitamin D.  Yeah?


One weather thing which I really dislike is wind, no matter what season it occurs in.  I find it makes me angry, uptight, on edge, fidgetty, etc.


Hi @Maggie and everyone else too.


Sherry Heart

Re: The challenge of spring

Hello all.


Yeah, springtime makes a big difference for me.

I'm a keen gardener, although at the moment you'd have trouble finding the "garden" under all the winter weed growth. I find it hard when I can't do much in winter, because within five to ten minutes the cold and damp seeps in and the fingers start going numb.


I love seeing all the signs of things coming back out of dormancy. There's fruit trees flowering here, and assorted bulbs. I'm watching buds developing on the tulips, and the bearded irises are putting out fresh leaves and swelling out at the bases where their buds are forming. It's all reminders of the strength of life and the underlying drive everything has to "be fruitful and multipy". Smiley Happy Bring on the sun!



Re: The challenge of spring

The warmer weather makes a huge difference to me - not only can I get outside and do the things I love but I can also take Toby to the beach - and that is good for both of us. The longer daylight hours also mean I can do more around the home and I don't feel as shut in when the sun is out. The flowers blooming also offers up some extra colour in our lives and reminds us all that out of the darkness growth is possible.

Re: The challenge of spring

Spring is also a double edged sword for me.

On one hand, it's brighter and warmer so I don't have to brace against or hide from the cold air.

On the other hand, just coming out of winter can mean I'm still in brace/hide mode. If I'm feeling depressed, then there's such a stark contrast between my insides and the rest of the springtime world with flowers in bloom, birds in song, colour and brightness and light.

Re: The challenge of spring

I get that @TheVorticon There is an expectation I think that along with the warmer weather and 'brightness' around that it must lift our mood also but it is not always like that - so I can see how it would be difficut for you Smiley Sad

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