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Re: when is your Birthday

@Hope4me, what day is your birthday xxxxx

Re: when is your Birthday

Hi @Shaz51
March 22

I hope you are well, this would be quite a task you've taken on Smiley Happy

Re: when is your Birthday

Hi @former-member

I'm just scrolling through posts, and read yours, a few later I read from @Faith-and-Hope to another member :
Quote : It’s okay to not give the date if you feel it is potentially identifying information ..... you can give any date and we will celebrate that one for you ..." un-quote

As you are 'breaking free', have you a special date that for you now, is your "re-birth" day, as it were?

Just a thought. It might even be a celebration of you becoming "you".

(yeah, I have crazy ideas at times Smiley Happy )

Hugs Smiley Happy

Re: when is your Birthday

Hello @Shaz51 the Birthday Keeper!!  What a great title, LOVE it!!!


ok so my birthday is March 4 (same day as 80's singer Shakin Stevens) bit of useless information for which I am very good at!!!!!

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