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Something’s not right

Re: A long rave

I'm not very good at reading @outlander I find it very difficult when I have other stuff going on in my head. My favourite books as a teen was a series about a wizard who rode dragons. I tried to reread them last year, I got about 2 chapters into the first before I had to quit. I miss reading.

Re: A long rave

Me too @The-red-centaur i havent read a book in over a yr so its been good to be able to read even for short times. I missed it but didnt realise how much till i started reading again.
Maybe u could try for just one chapter per night. Might help to ease you into a bedtime routine too...

Re: A long rave

@outlander I don't really think that achievable for me. Some times I even struggle reading long posts. Maybe as I get better I might have more of a chance to read again.

Re: A long rave

I really hope so @The-red-centaur
Im going to try for abit of sleep. Thanks for chatting tonight.
Hope you can either get bck to sleep or find things to amuse yourself...
Goodnight ❤

Re: A long rave

@outlander I hope you sleep well

Re: A long rave

Morning. Hope the night was good for everyone.

@eth great to hear you had some fun playing cards yesterday. It's nice to hear of your cooking adventures. You seem to have heaps of enjoyment from cooking. I missed FF last night but am thinking it would have been something interesting. I see new special friend a little. It's a bit tricky with the kids and I am trying to take it all slowly, but it's still good thanks 😊

Wondering how you're going @Mazarita and hoping the day has started well for you.

Hope you had some decent sleep last night @outlander and @The-red-centaur.

We had a quiet night planned last night but a failed run and jump attempt on the lounge from a middle changed that and it looks like they may have frsctured their arm. I took them to the Dr where they had it bandaged and they'll have an x-ray this morning (the wait at ED would have been way worse than a night in mum's bed with some pain relief and a bandage). Hoping it's just a bang because a cast won't be fun for them. We've all slept in today though which has been really nice.

Sending ❤ to all for a decent day ahead.

Re: A long rave

Good morning, @CheerBear, sorry to hear about the arm incident. Hope it's a bump and not a fracture. Great that you've all slept in anyway. 

I'm okay after about 11 hours sleep so far. Sleepy still and foggy 'cause I just got up.

Re: A long rave

Hey and hugs @Mazarita. Do you have anything you're hoping to do today? Is C home on the weekends?

It's very wintery here today after an amazing sunshine spring-in-the-air one yesterday. The rain just eased as your message came through and now I'm hearing chirps in the trees. Nice to see the plants and gardens having a drink ☺

Re: A long rave

I'd be glad to get myself in the shower today, @CheerBear. Yes, C is home, at least part of the time, on the weekends. He does market shopping and often visits friends too. 

Sounds nice that there's rain and now birds chirruping afterwards. Woman Happy

What is happening for you today, aside from x-rays?

Re: A long rave

Do you/have you ever enjoyed markers @Mazarita? I used to but don't so much anymore, though it is something I think I'd like to try again sometime.

We have a birthday party to go to this afternoon. It's definitely not something I'm thrilled with the idea of but my crew are looking forward to running around with a house full of kids. Wondering how middle may go with the arm but we'll see.

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