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Something’s not right

Re: My special place

U ok @Snowie ? We r here if youd like to talk

Re: My special place

@outlanderI tried about 5 times to get it out and deleted it everytime. I can't get the words out. 

Re: My special place

Theres no pressure @Snowie just take your time. Maybe dont overthink it (thats the word of the century now aint it!) Write then press post and walk away if you need for a little bit?

Re: My special place

Just sitting for now @outlander. Too many thoughts. I just want them gone. I want to be too.

Enough about me

How are you going?

Re: My special place

Any thoughts i/we can help with? Even just one at a time? @Snowie bottling up doesnt help that much but if sitting is what you need for now then ill plonk myself next to you.

Re: My special place

Ill talk about me abit later but id much rather be helping right now so that my own thoughts will calm from abit earlier

Re: My special place

@outlandermy thoughts are too bad for here.

Just sitting please.

I hope you are okish 


Re: My special place

Here too in the darkness and silence with you @Snowie

Re: My special place

As I am with you @Sans911 Heart

If you do want to talk I am here Heart

Re: My special place

anyone want to come join me here?



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