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Something’s not right

Re: rough time

What about you?

Re: rough time

Fair enough @outlander
"horses looking at fridges" I pictured actual horses viewing fridges lol
Hope the doctors goes alright if you see them

Re: rough time

Hey @Hamsolo01 👋

Re: rough time

hello @Sans911, @outlander, @Hamsolo01

how is today going xx

Hello @Sherry, @CheerBear

Re: rough time

Lol @Hamsolo01

I actually just got a free fridge so im cleaning the old one out and getting the spot ready for the new one.
Havent been to the drs. The dr that was on till 12 is an ass. Might go tomorrow or something.

Re: rough time

Hello @Shaz51

Re: rough time

Good idea to go back to Dr's if not getting better @outlander. They're there to be bothered hun if things aren't getting better. I know you don't go without good reason.

I have an old, second hand fridge which is noisy at times. She wants me to replace it when I move but I like it. The freezer stunk of prawns when I first got it, but a good clean out sorted that. I don't intend to get a new one unless it breaks down.

I've been clearing out a wardrobe this morning, and then helped the buyer get it out of the house & into a trailer. It pretty much required four of us as it is teak. Very, very heavy. I've got to go now, as need to pick up a few things on the way to the op shop. Catch up with later tonight/

@Shaz51 - I'm OK thanks. Still tired but better than yesterday. I'm off to go and work my volunteer shift. Have an OK afternoon.

Re: rough time

I dont like going at all @Sans911 but im going to have to Smiley Sad
Its really painful and doesnt feel 'right' is it possible they missed something or a break didnt show the other day?

Our fridge use to frost and defrost itslf and leak everywhere so we couldnt use thr freezer in it and was even starting yo rot the tiles so this one was free a good size for us and it was only 2 minutes away so worked well.

Wow very very heavy! Be careful with your shoulder too sis

Hope your time at the op shop goes well. Im off to contine cleaning up abit i need to keep my mind off a few things today.

@Shaz51 i hope you start to feel better soon too. Hugs for you

Re: rough time

That's fair enough. @outlander
Especially if the Dr is an ass

Re: rough time

Gday @Sans911
Nice to "see" you

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