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Hey @outlander. Anger is one I feel lots. It feels like it sits under the surface for me and threatens to volcano out. I've probably always had some fire inside, but over the last year there's been many times when I've felt completely full of it and found it a struggle to manage.

I dont often explode with it but it feels like I need to constantly work not to and to contain an implode/explode kind of feeling. When I have lost control of it, I've put myself in situations that aren't great and said things and behaved in ways I later wish I hadn't

To try and manage it I work hard to get to know and understand my triggers as well as the warning signs that things are brewing. Being tired, short fused, 'snappy', stressed, feeling a bit more stretched than usual etc. seem to the types of things that are going on when I have struggled to manage my anger/temper. Those are times I try really hard to take more time out breaks (a cup of coffee in the garden, a longer shower than usual, listening to a song through my headphones...). Being more conscious of my breathing and trying to take long, slow, deep breaths can help too. I also try to walk away from situations where I feel like things are escalating inside me and I might have trouble controlling it. I will up and go in the middle of a conversation if I have to, until I feel a little more calm.

When I can I try to burn it out by using that energy for something constructive. Cleaning, mowing, gardening, walking, riding my bike - they feel good when I'm fiery. If I can't do those things then chill out activities like crochet can be good.

Is there anything you've noticed that helps you, or situations in particular that you struggle to control anger in? Working out those things seems to be a big step in managing.

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