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SEPTEMBER: Community Wrap

9 September.jpg

Hello everyone and welcome to the September Wrap! Many apologies, I was delayed getting this up for you guys this month. Hope you all enjoy these clouds though 🌤 


👋 to those that wanted a reminder @Pepsimax @hercules @suzanne @eth @PeppiPatty @CheerBear @MackLouis @Adge @oceangirl @NatalieS @Shaz51 @Hamsolo01 @BlueBay @Sophia1 @Zoe7 @Sans911 @Mulgajane @outlander @Teej @Mazarita


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This month we celebrate @eth who has been doing a really great job with sharing their experience with the NDIS system. I know this scheme is a controversial one and hard to navigate but in sharing their own experiences it has been a helpful area for others to feel supported. @eth you have been fabulous in guiding people to that thread when a topic turns to the NDIS! 
*note to all: please always be aware that everyone will have different experiences. Comments on the system need to be done so respectfully to align with our guidelines - as has been done so far 👌🏼
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As most of you know, we are continuing to make improvements around the forums after we updated the platform to be more responsive across multiple devices. We want you guys to have the best experience in navigating the forums! Keep up with the latest enhancements here
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What's helped has been being able to work through it in a space where people do have mutual respect for me and genuinely want to help support me to finding an understanding of myself --- my understanding of myself, not theirs. Such people can be hard to find, and did have to be looked for. But I have found them well worth the search. The experience of genuine mutual respect has been quite amazing after it had been compromised for so long. - a lovely quote from @Fredd50 said here (hopefully the forums are another area that genuine and respectful connections can be made!) 
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