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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor


Hi everyone
Saw my doctor last week who told me that my physical illness is due to my mental health. He says that once my mental health gets better so will my physical health.
I suffer from high blood pressure and a possible stomach ulcer. The pain is terrible it's like a burning pain.
I told him that the pain is real and he said yes he knows.
But does he really know?
Today I called him to tell him about my stomach pain and could I take some pain meds. His reply was - no don't take any meds cause they'll upset your stomach even more. And agsin he said once my mental health is better I will be too.
Now I'm angry / the pain is real. It really does hurt. I'm not making this up. Why would I? I feel he is not validating or listening to me and my pain I have.
How long would I have to wait fir my mental health to be better?
I feel like a liar but it's all real 😥

Re: Psychosomatic

I don't know how to help with your exact situation but I'll tell you this so at least you know you're not a liar, not crazy etc. but also try explain his point of view.

Sometimes my anxiety gets so severe that the area right above my belly button gets into serious physical pain. The first time it happened I thought something inside me was going to burst and that I would have to have surgery. I literally couldn't sit still and started crying because the pain was that bad. I was in class and left to go to the doctors. My doctor asked a bunch of questions including the state of my mental health. When I mentioned anxiety he said it's possible that it's that but he did a blood test & several other test to make sure first. He told me straight away that if all the tests came back negative and there was no other physical evidence of the pain being anything else that it was my anxiety. And he 100% was going to refer me to see a counsellor (which I had avoided doing ever since I developed mental health because I find it hard to expose myself like that / on here is anonymous). Results came back negative.

It was my brain creating the physical pain. My anxiety was causing me physical pain and I never knew it was possible.

The brain is a really powerful thing and can make you believe anything.

I don't know exactly what's wrong with you and I wish your doctor would look into it more on a physical health level to make sure you're okay and give you more support. But if it is mental health related just know that it's 100% possible and you're not crazy. Maybe see a different doctor to get a second physical assessment though.

Re: Psychosomatic

Thankyou @Earthsucks
I'm glad someone else understands. It is difficult to understand when in so much physical pain that it can be your mental health causing it.
I suffer depression anxiety ptsd and have BPD. My doctor has been very good and supportive of my mental health It's just thst since he told me about psychosomatic thst niw he puts everything thst I feel sick with down to my mental illness. I haven't even been referred to a specialist. For all I know I could have an ulcer and it's getting worse. The pain is real and it's there.
Thsnks fir tour post.

Re: Psychosomatic

Last night I was taken to hospital for chest pain and stomach ulcer pain. The pain is real. Had tests done all came back good no heart attack. But the pain in my stomach proved to be a possible ulcer. Need to have a gastroscopy and see a specialist. The doctor spoke to me about my mental illness and we spoke about psychosomatic. She validated my illness and pain and said it is very real and that I'm not making it up. Heating this has made me feel a little better knowing that people believe me.

Re: Psychosomatic

I too have just found out that I also suffer from this @BlueBay. My anxiety causes the pain. Ok.Makes sense. But only bbecause I had the tests to check that my heart is alright.
We don't need to be tested and prodded for every little niggle. But when we are in pain and the pain is building, we should be treated like any other patient the gp sees. Not as someone where every pain is automatically assumed by the gp to be psychosomatic.
So glad you will be tested.

Re: Psychosomatic

Hi @BlueBay,

I know I'm about 2 months late, but I'm sorry you went through this. It would've been very scary and stressful. Speaking of stress, I have heard that it contributes to the formation of gastric ulcers. I'm not sure if this is accurate or not, but interesting all the same. 


I hope that your pain is under control now.


Smiley Happy 

Re: Psychosomatic

Hi @Wedgetail99

nice to meet you. Yes stress causes lots of issues to our bodies. I have a suspected stomach ulcer due to stress. High blood pressure snd other physical issues that my GP says is all psychosomatic. 

Its interesting. Hope you are well. 

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