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Looking after ourselves

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Re: Living with Ourselves


I totaly enjoyed doing that, & reading others experience, If you have any more like that, please include me again. It really made me think, & I need some distractions in my mind, at the moment!

Love & Hugs!

Bella xo Woman Happy

Re: Living with Ourselves

oh bless you @Former-Member


I love to do things that are different...

look at things that are different..

I like to post images that appeal as well..

I will continue to tag you of course..

thank you for appreciating ....💚


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Re: Living with Ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

Thank you @Former-Member

so very true...

enjoy your imaginary journey through the door on the right to a magical haven for you and your fur babies...


I really struggle with the range of emoticons...not my thing really anyway...💛

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Re: Living with Ourselves

I empathise with you @Sophia1 I am struggling with my body pain, & the stiff back, neck, & knees, & left hand, at the moment, too. Unless one goes though this, it really is hard for others to understand. Believe me when I say to you, I understand!Woman SadHeart

Some how we will get through this, I believe that!

Love & Hugs! Heart



Re: Living with Ourselves

Yes you are right...


my back is worse after going for a walk...I could feel it when I was walking..

It makes me so upset because walking has been my lifeline for most of my life...

So I must not give up...

there are others on here with long term chronic pain also...

Your injuries make mine pale in comparison..yet you show empathy towards me ....

I get so tired of having to justify why I cannot do something..

people see me and assume that I am fine...

some family members are actually put out that I do not fit in with their needs...


Yes we will get though this...we will not stop believing that...💜


Re: Living with Ourselves

time to prepare dinner all


I will be on here at some stage tomorrow...

husband off with sport then going straight to a family party....(I can't do nights yet) ...

so I shall be home alone..

might have a music party with self....

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Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1HeartWoman Happy

I loved walking, I walked long distance daily for years, My fitness level was high. I loved to lift light weights, I had a Membership at the Local Gym. I danced & was happy, even though I had lost so much material possessions, & family in my life. Then just like a Bomb I lost the ability to be mobile, & free to live my life Chronic painless, & all of my friends, because I could no longer fit in with them.

Then Spinal surgery without proper human love, & support. I am standing now, No More Loss!

You & I Will get back our health, I am standing with you Sophia, 2 can stand STRONG! 

Amen! HeartHeartWoman Very Happy

Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1i am a little short on words after a rather big day but i wanted to leave you this... Heart Heart 


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Re: Living with Ourselves

@outlanderHeartWoman Happyxoxo

What you left for @Sophia1 encouraged me also. I sincerely needed it, believe me!

Love & BIG Hugs!

Bella xoxo Heart

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